About Me

A 2D animator with a passion for film making and visual storytelling. With years of experience in both traditional and digital art, I have worked on personal projects, commissions, and graphic design. I am skilled in independence, adaptability, group communication, and have efficient knowledge and practice of relevant industry software. I am a BA (Hons) Animation graduate with a Digital Arts Internship from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

I am

Film Making

Visual Storytelling


Concept Art


Music Composition/ song writing/ music listening

Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball (all round sports)

Taking care of my Shih Tzu


June 2023 - July 2023

I worked

Manchester Metropolitan University: Digital Arts Intern

I worked with multiple creative departments and helped the digital and technical teams with problem solving and various tasks, as well as working with clients within and outside of university grounds.

Collaboration, Communication, Project Management, Creativity, Common sense, Adaptability, Independence

I am strong in

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